There are loads of stuff to do and places to see when you come stay with us and our activities are tailored for you to have fun with your partner, pet, or your kids and loved ones.


We are surrounded by beautiful waters including rivers and oceans. Our huge crispy sandy beaches stretch out for days and it is quite the opportunity for your pet to put on its investigative hat and explore. Our resort is a pet's paradise from running on the balmy beach with your dog to playing hide and seek with your cat. There are also pet friendly taverns where you can have a pint or two with your buddies. Next time you visit us, you do not have to worry about a kennel, just bring your pet and we would do the rest.

Leisure center

The leisure Centre is the go-to place for your entertainment. There are shopping malls and business cafes, including a state of the art cinema for those who want to binge on the movies.


We have a standard spa for those who want to get their bodies pampered and this include hot baths and saunas including pedicures and manicures. There are massage parlors dotted all over and we have a special grooming center to beautify your pet. Time spent in our spa is spent well because you are treated like royalty and your every need is promptly met by our masseurs and therapists.

Golf course

Our resort is located in one of the most scenic environments in England. Having a standard 18-hole golf course is just par for the course for us. You can bring your choice of irons to our golf course and if you do not have one, there is no need to worry. We have high quality golf clubs that can be rented to you at a moment's notice. There is no membership required to tee off at our golf range the only requirement being that you are a resident of our cottages. So gather your business friends and place that wager because it is always a beautiful day for a round of golf!


We have a world class farm ensconced in over fifty acres of arable farm land. We grow and groom our own grain as well as livestock. You can come along with your kids to see firsthand how our beautiful meals are processed straight to your table. We give kids basic instructions on how to milk a cow, make a milkshake or how to make sausages and our horse stables are ideal for taking out a young colt, filly, or stallion and going for a flat-out ride across the beautiful greenery.


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