It is known as common knowledge that most resorts - especially cottage resorts, are located in scenic locations which are more usually than not steeped in heritage and culture. But these are in most cases ignored by tourists who do not take the time to enjoy the landmarks dotted around them. And although you may have been guilty of this, we hope by giving you this guide, you would put on the garb of adventure when next you spend your holidays in these locations.

  1. Visiting a Roman fort.

We all know England and by extension the UK has been a world ruler conquering many nations and collecting tribute from far and wide. But what most people do not know is that England was once a territory of the Roman Empire and this proof can be found in many historical Roman landmarks dotted around the United Kingdom. Hadrian's Wall is one very famous example but there are many Roman forts and garrisons that are lying around your holiday Inn. You would be sure to see fortresses built more than a thousand years ago that are still standing and in good shape today.

  1. Museums anyone?

There are a lot of museums scattered around the UK from the sophisticated cities like London, to more beautiful and rural locations such as Cornwall and Dover. You have a plethora of choice what type of museum you would like to visit whether it is a world War museum or a museum of prehistoric art. There are also museums which houses the ancient tools used by the Romans during their time in the Angles. You can also find jewelry museums especially for the more renowned Saxons who were known for their love of all things shiny. Museums are the most ideal place to get a sense of history when you are on a vacation with your family and loved ones.

  1. Castles.

This list can never be complete without mentioning Castles and for those with a heritage card, you are quite in luck! For most tourists, England and Castles are more or less the same thing. The English are famous for their Castles and although a great number has fallen into ruin and disrepair, there are still quite a few that has stood the test of time. You could visit the Warwick Castle, built by none other than King William the Conqueror and this castle has served as a fortification for hundreds of years until it was converted to a country home by Sir Fulke Grenville. Another castle to visit is St Michaels Mount located off the bay of Cornwall and is simply referred to by the locals as "The Mount". There are many important artifacts to be seen in this castle that has stood for eons and served none other than Lord St. Levan. Many objects of value including armor and furniture are still being kept in good condition in the Castle halls till today.