We are an estate located in the rolling fields of Dover. Our serene estate is planted upon the high flowered garden walls with breathtaking views to the forest and a woodland pathway beside the cottages.

Looking a bit into the past, our cottages have a rich ancestry as they used to be the lodgings of the foremen of Lord Alfred Tennyson. Across time, these cottages have been converted into an intimate first class lodging facility for guests. We are a handicap friendly facility with sturdy ramps into each and every cottage into the mains and through the back entrance. Our Bathrooms are well accessorised to contain a wheelchair and we have sturdy hand grips throughout the passage way and in the toilets.

Our cottages are pet friendly be it your dog or cat, we have run off areas where you can take your loving animals for a play and you can walk through our wooded forests with your dogs by your side. We have always had loyal visitors who keep coming back for more because of the nature of our environment and our friendly attentive staff.

We thrill you further with a natural estuary in the form of a river where adults can go in for a dip – of course we hear your body screaming for that serene wash. We have also cordoned off some of the safe areas of the river where children are allowed to swim. We have a working farm which is a central highlight for our visitors and 70% of our food supplies come from the farm.

Our cottages are beautifully set in ranges where you can gaze into the distance, peering at nature's wonders.

All cottages are equipped with high speed internet so that you can take a break from the breathtaking environment and surroundings and enjoy your everyday online activities. You can even be so lucky as one of our guests back in 2018 who had a passion for online gambling and struck gold when playing at the online casino Pots Of Luck UK while staying at the (lucky?) cabin number 15. Since then online gambling and casinos online with bonuses have been a part of us. We believe that the best way to relax is to have a beautiful and quiet surrounding together with a great connection to the real life. If you have a look at the casumo.com review, you will instantly feel adventurous with a new-found passion for life and the great outdoors. These little characters bring an extra zing to anyone who comes across the site.

If you equip yourself with binoculars you may even see past the UK into the magnificent ocean. We have been given with the International Dark Sky Reserve status due to the extremely low level of air pollutants distorting the night sky.

We believe that your stay should be spent in peace and tranquility and that is why we make booking as convenient as possible. All our cottages are taken care of by experienced professionals with years in the hospitality industry in order to make sure that your stay is a home away from home.